Degree Completion (GOAL)


The GOAL (Grace Opportunities for Adult Learners) program gives adult learners the opportunity to earn a B.S. in Management, while maintaining their family and career responsibilities. 

GOAL is specifically designed for adult learners, Ivy Tech Community College graduates, and Grace College Indianapolis graduates who desire to complete their four-year degree while continuing full-time life responsibilities. With convenient scheduling, current technology and outstanding conventional classroom instruction, Grace offers the faculty, courses, and academic resources to make completing a bachelor’s degree a reality.

This B.S. in Management degree serves those who have just completed their associate degree at Grace College Indianapolis and those who have interrupted their higher education for work, family, or other commitments. Building upon previous college credits and life-long learning experiences equivalent to about two years of college, the GOAL degree can be completed in as little as 16 months by attending class one night per week and two Saturdays per semester. This degree is offered on the Winona Lake Main Campus, at the Indianapolis and Detroit sites, and is also offered fully online

  • Convenient schedule with each course meeting one night per week for five weeks and for two day-long Saturday sessions per semester.
  • Adult assessment replaces traditional examinations.
  • The final two years of your college program is completed in as little as 16 months.
  • GOAL is priced substantially below most degree completion programs.
  • Outstanding and understanding faculty who are geared towards teaching adults.


Courses in this major:

GOL300 Adult Learner & Portfolio Instruction

In this course we will examine adult developmental stages including physical, cognitive, personality, social, and moral development. This course will provide orientation activities for adultlearners to adjust to the college environment, facilities, and technology. We will also learn how to prepare a portfolio of experiential learning.

GOL310 Business Writing in the New Millennium

Students will build a writing portfolio for diverse audiences and purposes. A writing rubric will ensure strong ideas, logical organization, conversational voice, clear words, smooth sentences, correct copy, and a reader-friendly design. Computer tools will be used to create and enhance written messages that meet the needs of today’s fast-paced business environment.

GOL320 Expanded Conversation: Public Speaking in the Workplace

In this course, students will learn to analyze, construct, and deliver a variety of presentations required in the modern workplace. Emphasis will be on practicality and individual growth.

GOL330 Gifts Differing: Diversity and Teamwork in the Workplace

Students will gain experience with and knowledge of concepts related to diversity in the workplace. Special emphasis is placed on understanding personality preferences. Group dynamics such as power, perception, motivation, leadership, and decision-making are analyzed through readings, written assignments, and class discussion.

GOL340 Principles of Management

This course will survey the role of managers in organization: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. We will explore leadership styles and techniques, preparing students to solve problems and apply effective decision-making processes in their environments.

GOL350 Business Law

Students study the basic legal principles which control modern business transactions. Additionally, the course deals with such topics as contracts, agencies, employment, negotiable instruments, property, sales, and business relations with government. 

GOL360 The Human Factor

Students will be exposed to major theories of human resource management and contemporary trends in recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining a productive workforce. The legal, psychological, social, and economic issues related to managing people will also be addressed.

GOL400 Interpreting Basic Statistics

Students will learn how to interpret basic statistics in order to aid in the decision-making process. Examples from research studies will be employed to help the student comprehend how various statistics can be used to make decisions about real life problems in the workplace and in society.

GOL410 Ethical Change Agents (elective)

Students will develop ethical awareness and accountability and consideration of individual contributions to ethics of the working world including small group analysis of selected rules and cases.

GOL420 Fundamentals of Finance

This course is an introductory survey analyzing the three fundamental forms of financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statements, and Cash Flow Statement. Interpretative skill set development will focus on strategic financial planning, assessing risk, and applying effective budgeting controls.

GOL430 The Dynamic Organization

The study of organizational development explores how companies must adapt to ever-changing internal and external environments in order to thrive in today's economy. Change strategies and intervention processes will be studied so students can apply practical solutions to various organizational challenges in case histories and their own workplaces. Leadership and teamwork will also be explored in the context of organizational development.

GOL440 Operations Management (elective)

Students will learn how to use mathematics, statistics, and various computer packages to solve common business problems.

GOL450 Intormation Technology Management

This course will focus primarily on understanding and utilizing information technology and information systems within an organization from a managerial perspective.

GOL460 Applied Research

This course introduces the student to specific research terminology and research fundamentals such as design, sampling, surveys, experiments, focus groups, and other qualitative and quantitative approaches, culminating in a student research project.

GOL470 Senior Seminar

This culmination experience will enable students to select individualized activities that demonstrate their practical managerial skills in the workplace.

GOL480 Spiritual & Leadership Development (elective)

This course focuses upon servant leadership, equipping and empowering others for leadership, and leading as a change agent. Though the leadership principles in this course are based upon Scripture, they are all applicable to a variety of contexts in the workplace.